NYC Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Donald Fleck, a therapist in NYC, offers individual and marriage counseling

combined with mindfulness, focusing on difficulties

with relationships, depression and anxiety…  via individual, group, class, or



Take a Breath, Become Really Present… and Awaken to Your Life

My name is Donald Fleck. I’ve done quite a few things in my life. But, these days I spend a lot of time just being mindful in the present moment. This morning I probably did my 45 minute meditation, and enjoyed eating my oatmeal mindfully.

At my age I’m supposed to be slowing down, enjoying the fruits of my life (or so my friends tell me) but I’ve found this exciting gem. I’ve found a very helpful and fruitful way to combine two wonderful things: psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation.

I’ve raised a family. All grown up. I’m hugely proud of my children. I get involved in causes, garden (I love being in nature), walk in the woods and on the beach, read books, watch movies…

But what really gets me… is the continuing beauty, power…and fullness of the awakened mind.

From the point of view of mindfulness there are just two mind-states. One, lost in thought. The other, awake to all that is around us, to the fullness of life, to the senses, awake to the freedom to choose how we will act, right now.

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